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Wise Old Dragon
L: 7.75" x W: 7" x H: 7"
Red Baby Dragon
L: 3.5" x W: 1.75" x H: 2.75"
Blue Baby Dragon
L: 2.25" x W: 2" x H: 3.75"
Green Baby Dragon
L: 2.25" x W: 2.25" x H: 3.75"
Ormarr Dragon
Wise Old Dragon
L: 7.25" x W: 5.75" x H: 8"
2.50 lbs
Dragon on Broken Column
L: 4.25" x W: 4" x H: 6.5"
0.60 lbs
Purple Surly Dragon
L: 2" x W: 1.75" x H: 3.5"
Blue and Green Baby Dragon
L: 2.25" x W: 1.75" x H: 3.5"
0.30 lbs
 Purple and Pink Baby Dragon
Vicious Dragon
Ornery Dragon
L: 2" x W: 1.75" x H: 3"
0.30 lbs
Saphir Baby Dragon
L: 2.25" x W: 2" x H: 2.5"
0.20 lbs
Proggle Fat Little Dragon
L: 2.75" x W: 2" x H: 2.75"
0.40 lbs
Gregory Dragon
 L: 2.25" x W: 1.75" x H: 3.25"
 0.20 lbs
Love Dragon - Pink
 L: 2.75" x W: 2.25" x H: 4"
Love Dragon - Blue
Dragon Bo
     L: 2.5" x W: 1.75" x H: 2.25"
Dragon on Rock
L: 6.5" x W: 4" x H: 8.5"
Item Weight: 2.50 lbs
L: 2" x W: 1.5" x H: 2.75"
Item Weight: 0.30 lbs
Mushroom Dragon
L: 3.75" x W: 2.75" x H: 3"
Good Morning Dragon
Whatcha Drinkin Drago
Dragon Red 3 head
4" high
     L: 5" x W: 3" x H: 5.5"
Dragon's Page 2
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Yerba Mate
merkabao001013.png merkabao001012.png
Finally stopped in to this little gem of a store! Yes they have tea and tea pots and cups and little tea leaf holders, and we bought some but they are also a store for those who are Lady of the Lake fans. They have gemstones and whimsical figurines, wind chimes, and pendulums.
Get the tea infused chocolate (sample it first!) We got dark chocolate with chili pepper. We missed out on trying a whole serving of a "pick your own tea to try" for a dollar or maybe it was 3 bucks but we will do so next time. Get specialty salts (himalayan) and spices (nutmeg) here! Also get difficult to find herbs such as mugwort, here!
Ginseng gum is tasty for sure and so are the vials of it near the register.
Local honey from temecula/hemet, mmm. The owners are wonderful and kind. There is a booklet hanging near the tins of tea to help you find a tea for a specific ailment or affect.. or ask for help and be guided properly!
I am going back for nutmeg, tea infused chocolate and more tea!
Small Garden Dragon's
Purple Dragon
5" high
Green Dragon
5" high
Green Dragon
 Purple Dragon
H: 2.25" L: 3"
4 3/4" wide
Dragon Eggs & Hatchlings
L: 2.75" x W: 2.5" x H: 3.75"
0.30 lbs
Hand Painted Resin

4 1/8" x 3 1/8" x 4 1/2"
L: 5" x W: 3.75" x H: 4.75"
Green Sulky Dragon
Fiona Green Dragon
Ollie Purple Baby Dragon
L: 4" x W: 1.5" x H: 3"
0.40 lbs
L: 3" x W: 2.5" x H: 3"
0.40 lbs
Ice Dragon
L: 3.25" x W: 3.25 x H: 4"
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Of all the Mythological creatures, the dragon is surly the best known. Virtually every culture in the world has its dragon myths, and countless stories have been told of its origins, history and of its defeat at the hands of dragon slayers. The dragon slain by St. George is perhaps the most typical and consistent in its imagery, and dragons found in the bestiaries of heraldry echo in very closely. In each instance, it has bat wings, a barbed and often poisonous tail, and it breathes fire. It is depicted thus in numerous English folktales, and it is often portrayed in Christian churches, or in the many paintings that describe St George in the act of slaying the creature. In most of these, the dragon is usually represented as a far smaller creature than its more ancient forbears.
Most British dragons are really worms, a name that comes from Scandinavian tradition. These creatures are wingless, generally have lengthy bodies, and a poisonous rather than fiery breath. Dragons and worms have several traits in common - they tend to be scaly, haunt wells or pools, and have deep attraction to maidens and princesses. Both creatures are known to hoard treasure, which they have either gathered for themselves or inherited, becoming guardians by chance. All are extremely hard to kill

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Small Garden Dragon's
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Dragon Eggs
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Red Dragon on Castle
4 3/4" high
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