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Kenya Black Matcha
Country of Origin: Nandi Highlands, Kenya

Kenya Black Matcha is the result of a tradition of experimentation. The tea is made by grinding a rich, full leaf black Kenyan tea, selected for its tannins and antioxidant count, using a Japanese style Matcha mill. Craft-ground in small quantities only, Kenya Black Matcha dazzles the palette with smooth, malty notes balanced by a pleasingly smooth astringency. When brewing this incredible tea, we encourage you to experiment with various tea quantities, water temperatures, and whisking duration until you find the strength that?s perfect for you. Then, we recommend firing up the kettle, brewing a cup and raising a toast to innovation.

Matcha Fact: Matchas are so high in antioxidants due to the fact that unlike regular teas, in which the leaves are brewed and discarded, the leaves themselves are actually consumed.
Kenya Black Matcha
Bengal Club Chai Matcha
Country of Origin: Zhejiang Province, China /
Nandi Highlands, Kenya / Kerala, India

A taste of India’s colonial past can be found if one knows where to look, such as the Bengal Club. Where tea is concerned, service at the Bengal Club is often referred to as being “more Brittish than Brittish”. From the first sip, this peppery, spicy cup transports you to an exotic world of flavor, traditiona and history. If you ever get a chance to visit the Bengal, tell them we sent you!

Smooth green tea enlivened with fresh Malabar spices. Peppery and saucy finish. Memories of Bombay’s Chai Wallah.

Ingredients: Green tea, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, white pepper, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, garam masala.
Izu Green Matcha
Origin: Zhejiang Province / Nandi Highlands, China / Kenya

Matcha tea has been used in the Japanese tea ceremony for centuries. Two cups of brewed matcha contains 7 times the antioxidants of orange juice, 20 times that of apple juice, and nearly 20 g of calcium. On a gram per gram basis, it also contains approximately 10 times the polyphenols of regular teas. Matcha can be found served cold, as an ingredient in health shakes, ice creams, and even baked goods. Matcha is made using pure Gyokuro leaves, a Japanese tea variety that is shaded beneath special mats for 3 weeks before plucking. Once plucked, the leaves are steamed and dried. Next, it is stripped of all stems and veins. Then it is then stone ground into its finely powdered form. Since it is powdered, no matter how you prepare Matcha, you are actually consuming the leaves - which contain high nutritional value - there is no other tea in the world consumed in this manner. It is said in Japan that because of this characteristic, Matcha is the healthiest natural beverage in the world to this day!
White Rhino Match
Country of Origin: Kericho/Nandi Highlands, Kenya

 Despite what the name would imply, the Majestic White Rhino is actually grey. With an estimated population of about 17,500 animals, the White Rhino roams the woodlands and grasslands of South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya. In the Kenyan Rift Valley, the origin of this stunning tea, it isn?t uncommon to see White Rhinos grazing on lands near the lush tea estates, a testament to the biodiversity of this remarkable territory. So, why name a Matcha after this majestic animal? Well, from our first sip we knew that the tea needed a name with some power behind it. This innovative new Kenyan tea is grown at high altitude under bright sun and as such is packed full of antioxidants, polyphenols and exceptionally crisp flavor. Only the youngest leaves are plucked, processed and carefully ground using a traditional stone mill to an exceptionally smooth consistency. The resulting cup is thick and rich with wonderfully warm mossy notes of grass and slight floral undertones of oolong. A fabulous tea for those looking for an interesting brew with exceptional health benefits.
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Yerba Mate
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