Offering Teas, Herbs, Cultural and Spiritual Items from Around the World.
Just a little tea shoppe nestled in a quaint mountain village!
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We are a small retail store located in the quaint and beautiful village of Idyllwild, California. We opened our doors on Sept 9th, 2005 and we have been prospering ever since.

We cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for all of you that have made our dream come true. We hope that you are equally blessed in all of your endeavors.

Our initial vision was to have a retail tea store. Teas expanded into pots, cup and other accessories. Soon after we added herbs. Seeing that we were gathering products from all around the world, we decided to include some cultural and religious items from the various countries also.

We hope that we get the opportunity to help serve you in your quest along life's path. If there is something you are looking for something and can't find it. Please let us know. If we don't have it in the store we will try to find it for you. So, whenever you are in the area, stop by and say hello. There is always a cup of tea awaiting you.

Store hours are: Open almost every day round 9:30am to 5:30pm

Ron & Kathy Campbell
There are several pronunciations of Merkaba such as Merkabah, Merkava, and Merkavah. We generally pronounce it with the emphasis on the second syllable: Mer-KA-ba. Others pronounce the word with equal accent on each syllable such as: Mer-ka-ba.

The term MerKaBa means 'chariot' in Hebrew. It is the divine light vehicle used by the Masters to reach and connect with those in tune with the higher realms and is the vehicle of Light mentioned in the Bible by Ezekiel.

The word Mer-Ka-Ba is made up of three smaller words: Mer, Ka and Ba.

Mer refers to a specific kind of light. It is seen as two counter-rotating fields of light spinning in the same space.

Ka refers to the individual spirit, or energy field, of a person.

Ba is normally defined as the body or physical reality. It actually refers to the spirit's interpretation of the particular reality it is currently occupying.

The shape of the merkaba is two star tetrahedrons - polarities - duality - male/female.
The male tetrahedron - electrical energy - the apex faces up towards the sun, the second point facing front. The female - magnetic energy - the points face the back and downward towards the earth. Viewed flat, the Merkabah is also the shape of the Star of David.

Mer-Ka-Ba means the spiraling energy of consciousness ; counter- rotating fields of energy spirals (wheels within wheels) that surrounds each of us, which transports Spirit / Body from one reality to another. It is a vehicle that can aid mind, body and spirit to access and experience other planes of reality or potentials of life. In fact, the Merkaba is even much more than this.

The Merkaba is a crystalline energy field that is comprised of specific sacred geometries that align the mind, body, and heart together. This energy field created from sacred geometry extends around the body for a distance of 55 feet. These geometric energy fields normally spin around our bodies at close to the speed of light, but for most of us they have slowed down or stopped spinning entirely due to a lack of attention and use. When this field is reactivated and spinning properly, it is called a Merkaba. A fully activated Merkaba looks just like the structure of a galaxy.

The Merkaba enables us to experience expanded awareness, connects us with elevated potentials of consciousness, and restores access and memory of the infinite possibilities of our being.
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