Offering Teas, Herbs, Cultural and Spiritual Items from Around the World.
Just a little tea shoppe nestled in a quaint mountain village!
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We are a small retail store located in the quaint and beautiful village of Idyllwild, California. We opened our doors on Sept 9th, 2005 and we have been prospering ever since.

We cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for all of you that have made our dream come true. We hope that you are equally blessed in all of your endeavors.

Our initial vision was to have a retail tea store. Teas expanded into pots, cup and other accessories. Soon after we added herbs. Seeing that we were gathering products from all around the world, we decided to include some cultural and religious items from the various countries also.

We hope that we get the opportunity to help serve you in your quest along life's path. If there is something you are looking for something and can't find it. Please let us know. If we don't have it in the store we will try to find it for you. So, whenever you are in the area, stop by and say hello. There is always a cup of tea awaiting you.

Store hours are:
Open 9:30am to 5:00pm
Closed Wednesdsay

Ron & Kathy Campbell
Merkaba is a purveyor of premium fresh organic, kosher and fair trade loose-leaf teas, herbs and spices for purchase by even the most discriminating palates. We have developed partnerships with many world-renowned producers of tea, herbs and spices to ensure pristine quality and stable prices. All of our teas, herbs and spices are selected through rigorous standards to provide you with the best high-quality products available. Our goal is to inspire and educate tea drinkers, homeopaths and health conscious individuals through education, on the value of making quality healthy teas and infusions as part of their daily prescription for good health. We strive to accomplish this while also tantalizing your senses with specialized and custom blended varieties.

We began this business as result our love for premium teas and wanting to become more knowledgeable about their health benefits. Through our participation of numerous educational events and individual research we expanded our product lines to include healing herbs. Most cultures have used herbal “folk remedies” for centuries to restore balance to their bodies and spirit. We have incorporated these practices and additional customer suggestions to offer to you for your needs and considerations. Modern medicine isolates one part of the plant to create a drug and forgets that the entire plant is beneficial. Although at times it certainly does has its benefits, we believe that society in general does not spend enough time trying to prevent disease or to find the cause of disease and cure it naturally rather than just depending strictly upon modern medicine. When allowed (and assisted when necessary) to run efficiently, smoothly, and healthily, with the usage of teas and herbal infusions we can minimize the need for destructive medications, surgeries, and interventions.

With time we began to further expand our healing knowledge to include energy healing. Energy healing (aura and chakra healing) is one of the most profound and fundamental alternative therapies in the field of alternative medicine and holistic health. It also employs spiritual healing methods which expand the awareness of the energy healer. It utilizes energy, color and light healing techniques to catalyze healing in the patient's energy field (aura and chakra systems), helping the patient break free from afflictions and limitations of body, mind and spirit. It may provide enhanced quality of life for the patient and facilitate spiritual growth. It is often a powerful spiritual path for the practitioner as well.

By making a conscious decision about the products we consume and our surrounding environment, we can change not only the health of our own bodies, but also improve the health of our planet. One of the easiest ways to bring wellness into your life is through tea and herbal infusions. The simple undertaking of preparing a cup of tea and a moment of reflection can bring a moment of calm and tranquility to a hectic day.
The meaning of our name, Merkaba
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Yerba Mate
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