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We only provide information regarding the traditional and common usage of herbs. This information is to be used for educational purposes only and not as medical advice. We are not medical professionals cannot prescribe what herbs are right for you. We cannot answer medical questions, so please do not ask us to prescribe herbal cures in replacement of medical treatment or to guess what is wrong with you. It is offered for informational use only. No responsibility is assumed by Merkaba in regards to this information should it be used in place of a licensed medical practitioner's services.

It should not be misunderstood to mean, imply or indicate that the products described here will cure anything, as no such claims are made. These herbal suggestions are not offered as a cure, but rather as an aid to the body in returning to itís normal functions. There is no guarantee of any kind made for the performance or effectiveness of the preparations or methods mentioned. The human body is very complex. While each person is similar in general structure and function, each is also uniquely different, responding differently to similar herbs and medications. What may help one person in a certain circumstance or condition, may not help another. Each condition is unique unto itself.

Consult your doctor about your health conditions and use of herbal supplements. Herbs may be harmful if taken for or under the wrong conditions, used in excessive amounts, combined with prescription drugs or alcohol. Just because an herbal remedy is natural, does not guaranty that it is safe. There are herbs that are hazardous or that may interfere with medications. In the event the reader of this volume uses the information without the approval of a health care provider, he/she is prescribing for himself/herself and assuming full responsibility for it. This is his/her right to do so, but Merkaba assumes no responsibility for his/her actions.

The products and claims made about specific products on or through this site have not be evaluated by the FDA (United States Food & Drug Administration) and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The FDA approves herbs as dietary supplements only.

Buyer understands any herbs or herbal blends can not be returned for a refund. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Returns are not accepted due to the possibility of contamination of product.
There are a number of ways that herbs can be used in both culinary and medicinal purposes.

Please see our "Herb Uses" link (shown above) for more information on various medicinal uses.
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Slippery Elm Bark
Ulmus fulva
Country of Origin: USA

Slippery Elm bark powder is considered one of the best possible poultices for wounds, boils, ulcers, burns and reducing pain and inflammation. The bark of the slippery elm tree is sometimes recommended for stomach ulcers, kidney ailments and hemorrhoids. In addition, it is used to normalize the bowel, whether the problem is constipation or diarrhea. It soothes and coats mucus membrane inflammation and irritation in the throat and urinary tract when the herb is taken as a tea or infusion.
Mentha spicata
Certified Organic & Kosher
Country of Origin: USA

Sweet, cool & refreshing. All natural, no added oils or flavor enhancements. Lovely hot, iced or blended with your favorite black or green tea for a little spunk. Spearmint is believed to be a useful remedy for fatigue. At the same time, it helps to relieve nervous tension and anxiety. Also used for fevers, colds, flu, stomach gas, nausea and depression. Spearmint has much the same properties as peppermint, but is milder and good for use with children's complaints.
Stevia Leaf
Stevia rebaudiana
Certified Organic & Kosher
Country of Origin: USA

From 10 to 30 times sweeter than sugar yet only has 1 calorie per ten leaves. A teaspoon of stevia is equal to about a cup of sugar. Used in the treatment if diabetes and some studies show it to reduce blood glucose levels. Other popular uses include as a hypoglycemic, hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), cardiotonic (tones, balances, strengthens the heart), ant microbial, cavity prevention and as a weight loss aid. Properties include antibacterial, anticandidal, antifungal, antiviral, cardiotonic (tones, balances, strengthens the heart), diuretic, hypoglycemic, vasodilator system.
St. Johnís Wort Herb
Hypericum perforatum
Certified Organic
Country of Origin: Chile

Most commonly used for counteracting depression. This herb is believed to be very efficient at cleansing the bloodstream. It also has been recommended to help regulate the menstrual cycle. Aromatic, astringent, resolvent, expectorant and nervine. Used in all pulmonary complaints, bladder troubles, in suppression of urine, dysentery, worms, diarrhoea, hysteria and nervous depression, haemoptysis and other haemorrhages and jaundice. For children troubled with incontinence of urine at night an infusion or tea given before retiring will be found effectual; it is also useful in pulmonary consumption, chronic catarrh of the lungs, bowels or urinary passages.
Valerian Root,Cut
Tribulus Fruit Whole
Tribulus terrestris
Certified Organic & Kosher
Country of Origin: China

Tribulus is most popularly believed to improve sexual functioning, and is often used as an aphrodisiac. In various parts of the world, the puncture vine has been attributed other uses as well. In Europe, China and India, various peoples have used tribulus to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, treat headache, nervous disorders and constipation, and stimulate the central nervous system. Modern science suggests that at least some of these uses may have a basis in fact. In one study tribulus has been linked to improved blood flow to the genitals and improved sexual behavior. Scientists believe that it may work by relaxing smooth muscles and allowing greater blood flow. In addition, some clinical trials suggest that tribulus may lower both blood pressure and cholesterol and increase muscle mass, making it a popular supplement among athletes and bodybuilders.
Tribulus seems to work by increasing the levels of luteinizing hormone, which signals the body to start producing its own natural testosterone. This leads to increased libido and increased muscle mass, among other things. A recent study has also shown tribulus to be an ovarian stimulant with the ability to normalize ovulation and thus improve chances for conception.
Valeriana officinalis
Tumeric Root Powder
Curcuma longa
Certified Organic & Kosher
Country of Origin: China

A traditional Indian cooking spice that improves digestion and purifies the blood. Believed to act as a natural antibiotic and antiseptic. The curcumin in turmeric has recently been shown effective in the fight against breast cancer, Alzheimer's and arthritis. It is also recommended to ingest a small amount of turmeric everyday to help give your skin a healthy glow. New studies of turmeric also suggest it can be a powerful aid in the fight against obesity. Curcumin, a compound in turmeric, has a remarkable potential to limit the growth of fatty tissue, when supplementing a high fat diet.
Certified Organic & Kosher
Country of Origin: USA

It has a remarkable influence on the cerebro-spinal system, and is used as a sedative to the higher nerve centres in conditions of anxiety, nervous unrest, St. Vitus's dance, hypochrondriasis, neuralgic pains and the like along with being a mood elevator. The drug allays pain and promotes sleep. It is of especial use and benefit to those suffering from nervous overstrain, as it possesses none of the after-effects produced by narcotics.
Vanilla Extract Powder
Vanilla planifolia
Country of Origin: Madagascar

Vanilla is an aromatic stimulant, but is seldom used as a medicine. It is said to promote wakefulness, increase muscular energy, and to powerfully stimulate the sexual appetite. Ground sucrose and vanilla bean extractives
Star Anise
Pimpinela anisum
Certified Organic & Kosher
Country of Origin: Egypt

Carminative, stimulant, diuretic. It is often chewed in small quantities after each meal to promote digestion and sweeten the breath. The pounded bark is used as an incense. It was used by the Greeks as an aphrodisiac to help enhance romance for lovers. Itís an antispasmodic that can help to relieve the muscular cramping that causes pain in the digestive tract. It can also relieve menstrual cramps and is particularly good at this when taken as a tea. Anise seed can also help to stimulate the pancreas. The pancreas is an important part of the body thatís responsible for regulating insulin and some hormones. It also works as an expectorant and actually thins the mucous in your respiratory system, removing the source of the cough. In addition to all of these functions, anise seed can also help to cure a bout of insomnia.
White Willow Bark
Certified Organic & Kosher
Country of Origin: Madagascar

Several species of willow are used to produce willow bark herb, Salix alba, S. Fragilis, S. daphnoides and S. purpurea. All contain adequate levels of the important constituent, salicin, to allow their use as the herb. Salicin was isolated and synthesized into acetylsalicylic acid in the 1850's and eventually marketed as aspirin in the late 1890's by Frederich Bayer & Co. White willow bark, which is also called Salix alba, willow and salicin willow, has been used in dyspepsia connected to the debility of digestive organs. White willow barkís tonic and astringent properties may also be useful in the convalescence from acute diseases, worms, or chronic diarrhea and dysentery.
Salix species
Wild Yam Root
Dioscorea villosa
Country of Origin: USA

Common names for this root include Colic root, China root, Devil's bones, Rheumatism root and Yuma. It is a low creeping perennial that grows wild in the eastern half of North America. It is not related to sweet potatoes or yams.
This dried root is commonly used for nausea during pregnancy and bilious colic. It may help with neuralgic affections, spasmodic hiccough and spasmodic asthma, as well as may help with cramping that comes with painful cholera morbus and may help as an antispasmodic.
Country of Origin: Croatia

Also known as: Milfoil, Soldier's Woundwort, Knight's Milfoil, Herbe Militaris, Thousand Weed, Nose Bleed. Carpenter's Weed, Bloodwort, Staunchweed, Sanguinary and Yarroway. Diaphoretic, fever reducer, lowers blood pressure, stimulates digestion, tones blood vessels, astringent and stimulant. Yarrow skin washes and leaf poultices can slow bleeding and help disinfect cuts and scrapes; taken as a tea it can help slow heavy menstrual bleeding as well. Gerard tells us it is the same plant with which Achilles stanched the bleeding wounds of his soldiers, hence the name of the genus, Achillea. Yarrow should be on every man's short list of remedies since the herb makes itself useful for everything from brewing beer to a hair rinse to prevent baldness.
Yohimbe Bark
Pausinystalia yohimbe
Wild crafted & Certified Kosher
Country of Origin: Cameroon

Also known as Johimbe, aphrodine, corynine and quebrachine. It is known to increase libido and is used as an aphrodisiac and is called "herbal viagra". It can accelerate the action of pharmaceutical MAO-inhibitors. As with any herb, you should consult a healthcare professional before taking Yohimbe. Keep the dose low to prevent the yohimbe side effects.
Achillea millefolium
CAUTION: Avoid prolonged use or high doses.
CAUTION: Though in ordinary doses, it exerts an influence quieting and soothing in its nature upon the brain and nervous system, large doses, too often repeated, have a tendency to produce pain in the head, heaviness and stupor. Avoid excessive doses of this potent herb.
Caution: Not to be used during pregnancy. Consult a health care provider prior to external use if you suffer from allergies related to the Asteraceae family.
CAUTION: Seek medical attention if erection lasts more than four hours. Not recommended if you have severe kidney or liver disease, or if the prostrate gland or sexual organs are inflamed. Not to be taken if you are currently on blood thinning medication, do not take for extended periods of time. Side effects can include anxiety, dizziness, rapid heart rate, insomnia, and nausea. Extremely high doses can cause hallucinations and cause muscular dysfunction. This is not an herb to experiment with.
Wild Cherry Bark
Prunus serotina
Wildcrafted & Certified Kosher
Country of Origin: USA

Also known as black cherry, rum cherry, Virginian prune, choke cherry and black choke.
Most commonly found in Syrup formulas, however it may be administered as a tea or extract. Astringent tonic, pectoral, sedative. It has been used in the treatment of bronchitis of various types. Is valuable in catarrh, consumption nervous cough, whooping-cough, and dyspepsia.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


 Consult your health care professional prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, take any medication or have a medical condition.
Suma Root
Wild Crafted
Country of Origin: Brazil

Suma root is a perennial vine native to tropical forests of South America. It comes from the Pfaffia paniculata plant, which is a vine that grows along the ground. It has similar adaptogenic properties as plants in the Panax family, giving rise to its other common name of "Brazilian Ginseng". It is commonly used as a tonic and may help to improve one's resistance to stress. It may help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation; some also believe it to be an aphrodisiac. This root may also help as an antimutagen and may help to activate the immune system.
Pfaffia paniculata
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