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Just a little tea shoppe nestled in a quaint mountain village!
Offering Teas, Herbs, Cultural and Spiritual Items from Around the World.
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All About Tea
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Yerba Mate
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Hemp Tealicious
Pure Hemp Tea combines the soothing properties and gentle flavors of herbal tea with the great taste of green tea. Made from organically grown industrial hemp, Hemptealicious™ Pure Hemp Tea contains a full spectrum of natural plant terpenes to support your wellbeing. Naturally caffeine free, each bag of tea contains 100% industrial hemp.
Chamomile Lavender Hemp Tea is perfect for bedtime, frazzled nerves or at the end of a grueling day, Hemptealicious™ Chamomile Lavender Pure Hemp Tea combines the soothing properties and gentle flavors of lavender and chamomile infused with the healing benefits of hemp.
Ginger Turmeric Pure Hemp Tea combines the cleansing and warming properties of ginger with the wellness powerhouse of turmeric with grounding, rich hemp.
Lemongrass Spearmint Hemp Tea is delicious hot and irresistible iced, Hemptealicious™ Lemongrass Spearmint tea is always a popular favorite. While the organic spearmint cools and soothes you, the lemongrass offers delicate notes of brightness, and the hemp rounds it out with a delicate, subtle flavor.
Peppermint Mate Hemp Tea combines the flavors of earthy, energizing mate and refreshing peppermint with the abundant benefits of hemp. Made with care to power you through your day, Hemptealicious™ Peppermint Mate Tea is a must-have part of your morning routine.
Will this tea get me “high”?

No. While hemp has many benefits, our products do not contain THC, which is the psychoactive component in marijuana. Our teas are calming, soothing and grounding.

How long should I steep the tea?

Two minutes is a good rule of thumb for steeping. Hemp doesn’t become bitter like tea, so you can even leave the bag in your cup for a more concentrated experience!

How safe is it?

Safety and reliability are at the heart of our values. We lab test and use meticulous operating procedures to ensure quality, safety and consistency in every stage of production.
What are the medical benefits of hemp?

There are more scientific studies coming out every week on the significant benefits of hemp, as well as its possibilities for helping people with serious conditions. There is much research being done on hemp for anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and analgesic (pain relieving) properties. It has been named as a potential support for more than 20 different medical conditions including acne, alcoholism, chronic pain, diabetes, depression, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, MS, rheumatism, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, and other neurological disorders.
Are marijuana and hemp the same?

No. Though they are both varieties of cannabis, they are not the same plant. Marijuana plants contain 5% to 20% of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the psychoactive cannabinoid that