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Just a little tea shoppe nestled in a quaint Mountain Village
Offering Teas, Herbs, Cultural and
Spiritual Items from Around the World
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Yerba Mate
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This place is a must see when traveling to Idyllwild! The people are amazing, the items they have in stock are beautiful and at an excellent price! We were soo intrigued by everything that we forgot to leave with some of their tea!!! Good thing we can order online. I will definitely be returning with every visit we make to Idyllwild.

Summer M.
Now you can easily enjoy and expand your tea experience with monthly deliveries sent straight to your home or office. Theyíre available in Blacks, Green & Whites, Just the Basics, Caffeine Free or Medicinal Herbs. You can join for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time. They make a great gift for the tea lover in your life too!
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New Herbal Blends
Ache All Over - Fibromyalgia
Balance -
Adrenal & Thyroid Tonic
Breath Easy -
Respiratory System
Clear the Cobwebs -
Mental Clarity
Cloud 9 -
Anxiety - Relaxation
Drop my Levels - Blood Pressure & Colesterol
Free Flowin' -
Prostate Compound
Granny's Remedy -
Cold & Flu
Grouchy Girl -
PMS Formula
Hack Attack -
Cough Formula
I.B. Gone -
Gastrointestinal Protection
Itch Away -
Eczema & Psoriasis
Joint Relief -
Mother's Love -
Mother's Milk Formula
Night on the Town -
Nighty Nite -
Pins n Needles -
Nervous System
Red River -
Circulatory Tonic
Seedlings -
Fertility, Female
Shed a Few -
Weight Balance
Smoke Break -
Stop Smoking
Stop the Pain -
Pain, General
Strong as an Ox -
Bone Strengthening
Sugar Balance -
Take the Load Off Me -
Whoop & Hollar -
Sore Throat
Yellow Rivers - Urinary Track, Bladder, Kidney
Zoom-Zoom -
Now Available
Tarot & Energy Work by ChrisTina lee Nordella
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Ashwagandha,catís claw, st. johnís wort, astragalus, gynostemma, lycci berry, nettle, passion flower, red clover, scullcap.
Ashwaganda, holy basil, rhodiola, eleuthero, gotu kola.
 Lobelia, echinacea, gynostemma, astragalus, blue violet, catís claw, fennel, fenugreek, ginko, juniper, meadowsweet, mullein, st. johnís wort.
 Ginkgo, ashwagandha, gotu kola, eleuthero, gynostemma, rhodiola rosea, fo-ti, lycci berries, schisandra berries.
Ashwagandha, eleuthero, kava kava, rhodiola rosea, gynostemma, schisandra berries
Burdock, catís claw, eleuhero, gotu kola, gynostemma, hibiscus flowers, yarrow flowers.
Saw palmetto, astragalus, eleuthero, nettle root, catís claw, cornsilk, cleavers, goldenseal, juniper berries.
Echinacea, astragalus, feverfew, blue violet, catís claw, elder flowers, goldenseal, holy basil, linden flower, meadowsweet, moringa, nettle, rhodiola rosea, rosehips, yarrow, elder flowers.
 Dandelion, chaste tree, wild yam, dong quai, ginko, schizandra berries, scullcap.
 Blue violet, comfrey, fennel, mullen, wild cherry bark.
Catís claw, goldenseal, gynostemma, slippery elm, cornsilk, fennel, ginger, holy basil, lemon balm.
Calendula, chamomile, cleavers, red clover, nettle.
Nettle, catís claw, feverfew, ashwaganda, moringa, sassafras.
Fennel, fenugreek, milk thistle, raspberry leaf.
Ashwaganda, damiana, horny goat weed, eleuthero, maca, muira puama, yohimbe, fo-ti, gynostemma, tribulus.
 Kava kava, lemon balm, passion flower, ashwaganda, lavender, lemongrass, st. johnís wort, scullcap.
 Ashwaganda, passion flower, damiana, eleuthero, gotu kola, gynostemma, st. johnís wort, schizandra berries.
Ginko, astragalus, yarrow, ashwaganda, gynostemma, horny goat weed.
Chaste berry, dong quai, red clover, maca, muira Puama, nettle, red raspberry.
Gynostemma, yerba mate, cornsilk, fennel, green tea, maca root, rhodiola rosea, peppermint, stevia leaf.
Lobelia, mullein, oatstraw, scullcap.
Catís claw, nettle leaf, dong quai, pau díarco, st. johnís wort, turmeric, fennel, kava kava, passion flower, sassafras, suma root, willow bark.
Oatstraw, comfrey, golden seal, nettle, horsestail .
Gynostemma, eleuthero, fenugreek, astragalus, holy basil, nettle leaves.
Senna leaf, slippery elm bark, basil, chamomile, dandelion, goldenseal.
Licorice root, marshmallow root, catís claw, chamomile, mullein, schizandra berries, slippery elm.
Cornsilk, dandelion, horsetail, juniper, nettle, fennel, goldenseal, hibiscus, catís claw, cleavers, milk thistle, st. johnís wort.
Maca root, eleuthero, yerba mate, astragalus, gynostemma, rhodiola rosea, suma root, schisandra berries.
Concert on Thursday, March 29th.
7:00 p.m.
Tickets $20.00 in Advance $25.00 at the door